IOTA INTERACTIVE - it's all in the details

In A Nutshell

Iota Interactive provides powerful, cost effective IT computer support for businesses that want to reduce costs, implement stable and automated systems in their offices, and protect important corporate data. We support a wide variety of brand named products and software.

We produce unique, one-of-a-kind, original artwork and custom built websites, precision tailored for you. Please have a look at our portfolio. We offer administration services, however many of these sites are administered by our customers.

If you're not a business, perhaps you're looking for home computer support for your personal desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, printer, or scanner? We offer computer setup, cleanup or repair, and technical support in your home or at our office. Call us to schedule an appointment with the number below. Onsite service or local pickup and delivery is available.

If you're in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago or anywhere in between, please call or contact us to schedule a free initial consult. Our one flat rate is $96.00 per hour for all the services we offer. Our cheapest service or repair is as low as $24.00. Thank you for visiting!

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